Support co.up!

co.up is a community space with a mission—and we rely on your support to continue fighting for better representation in tech.

In order for us to offer our space to the community, we need people to help us financially offset the cost of running co.up. Our goal has always been to help support better representation in tech, and that means that we always offer our space as affordably as possible. Your support will ensure that others have access to these resources going into the future.

Here’s how you can help:

Become a supporting member

Make a monthly contribution that goes directly into supporting the space and supporting the groups that use it.

10€ / month 20€ / month 50€ / month 100€ / month 200€ / month

If you would like to donate a different recurring amount, please reach out to us! We are very open to a custom monthly donation and can set that up for you.

Make a donation

Not ready to become a supporting member yet? Every little bit helps us reach our goal of continuing to offer co.up affordably to community organizations.

Donate on Ko-Fi Donate via Paypal

Become a company sponsor

We offer sponsorship packages for companies who would like to support co.up. Read more:

⭐️ Sponsorships

Rent the space

You can rent the space for closed events, such as company offsites, team events, and much more. Hygiene and safety guidelines apply.

We are very grateful for the support of our amazing community! Reach out to our team if you have questions or want to pay a different amount or in a different way. ❤️

For more background on co.up’s history, the financial situation, future plans, and on who’s running co.up, read our FAQ.