co.up Styleguide Logo, Color, Fonts etc.

When creating assets for co.up, please use these:


The co.up logo may be used in various color combnations of co.up orange, white, and black, in the stacked or the inline version. Note that the logo can easily be cut or lasered into a stencil and be used for any real world spray paint needs.


  • #E7501E
  • #231F20
  • #89878A
  • #0C70FF
  • #FFC210


Use Avenir for all text or, ocassionally, Futura Bold for stand-out bits of type like #saveCoUp.
The logo uses Braggadocio and that font should not be used for anything but the logo.

#saveCoUp Assets

When writing for co.up, please follow these guidelines:


co.up is all lowercase, and is defined by the "." in between "co" and "up." co.up is lowercase even when it starts a sentence.

This creates problems with certain functions (like web addresses, hashtags, etc.). When you can't use co.up:

  • If possible, default to using a "-" instead of "."
  • If that is not possible (for example, in a hashtag), co.up should be written as CoUp, so as to separate it from the word coup.
    Example: Please check out our #saveCoUp campaign

Inclusive Language

co.up avoids gendered words and phrases (like referring to a group as "guys") and always uses non-gendered terms (such as you all, everyone, folks, etc.).

Example: We're looking forward to seeing folks at the event later!


The co.up style is extremely familiar and personable. In writing, co.up will often use all lowercase when talking directly to people, and frequently uses emojis, common slang, and display an insiders knowledge of tech vocabulary.

co.up is community-focused above all else. We support the independence of the organizers and organizations that use our space, and we don't seek to be involved in their operations or content. However, co.up is also very deeply concerned about accessibility, inclusion, and representation, so we take a strong stance against anything within co.up or around co.up that goes against the values outlined in our code of conduct.