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Note: this page was last updated in January 2020. An update is coming soon!

Interested in becoming one of co.up’s supporting companies?

Why your support matters

co.up is a community event space—but it’s so much more than that. It’s a place where the next generation of developers, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs are honing their craft right now; it’s a place where your financial background doesn’t determine the level of support you receive; and it’s part of the spirit of the Berlin tech scene.

For 10 years, co.up has provided free tech education to thousands of attendees across thousands of meetups, workshops, and learning groups. co.up kicked off the creative tech scene in Berlin when there was no infrastructure to train tech talent, no places to meet and collaborate, no places that were open and inclusive. It is safe to say that co.up has shaped a big part of the current technical work force in Berlin, and spawned many huge and influential communities in Berlin, e.g. the CSSconf and JSconf events, the OpenTechSchool movement, and more.

Find a complete list of the events that take place in the space here.

Now you have the chance to be a part of co.up’s story by becoming a co.up sponsor. Your contribution will directly help provide an affordable space to organizations fighting to make tech more representative.

How you can sponsor and what we offer

We estimate that between 20-50.000 people have come through co.up over the years, over an estimated 3000 events, and every month we currently get around 500 visitors. This is an opportunity for you to not only support the organizations in the space, but make yourself visible to the countless future talent that is currently developing their skills in our space.

These numbers are conservative best guesses, based on our calendar of the last ten years, and average visitor numbers that meetups report to us. We don’t track the exact number of visitors in the space.

Find a list of available sponsorship packages below. Each option is also available as part of a yearly payment.

We’re looking into more ways to thank our supporting companies. If your organization has a request, e.g. ideas about how co.up can support you in hiring, recruiting, or your education needs, please reach out to us and we can discuss ways that we can work together.

What we can’t offer

Please note: co.up will not collect and provide our attendees or organizers’ personal data, nor will we demand from our communities to follow any marketing obligations. All events at co.up are run under a Code of Conduct and public events (events for which you don’t pay rent) must be free, open, and with a visible effort to be safe, inclusive and welcoming.

How to contribute

If you want to become a company supporter or have questions we can answer, please email hello@co-up.de explaining your situation. You can also visit members.co-up.de and choose one of the preselected options.

Thank you for your support!

For more background on co.up’s history, the financial situation, future plans, and on who’s running co.up, read our FAQ.