How to Get Your Company to Support co.up

For co.up to survive, it’s going to take recurring donations, and while every contribution is essential, our success will depend on getting a few company supporters capable of contributing larger amounts. But how do you get your organization to become a supporter? Here are some steps you can take to start the conversation and turn your company into a co.up supporter.

You were hired there, tell them your co.up story!

Nothing beats a personal connection. Open your conversation by speaking about how important co.up was in your history and where you think you’d be without it. Was your first meetup here? Did you make any important connections? Would that have been possible without a free community space like co.up?

Your employer might not know how much co.up is contributing to skills development in its employees—they might not know about co.up at all! If that’s the case, give them a brief overview; tell them that it’s a community space that offers free event space for public organizations working to make tech more representative in Berlin.

You get benefits, too!

co.up is filling knowledge gaps. Your company’s employees get access to free knowledge-sharing which can range anywhere from talks at meetups to workshops and co-learning; these all help them to become better, well-rounded and knowledgeable employees. Most of these events are made possible by the access co.up provides to free and regularly available event space.

Do you currently go to a meetup, learning group, or other event in co.up? If so, your company is already benefiting from co.up! Emphasize what you’ve gotten out of your experience in the space and how it’s been developing your skills and networks, and how the company will lose that resource in your life and others’ if co.up doesn’t get company support. The monthly cost for your company is probably less than paying for your professional development outside of co.up!

What co.up offers

Space Rental Discounts

Your company will get access to our event space for private events at a 25% discount, which they can use for company off-sites, events, or other closed functions.

Logo Presence

Your company’s logo will also be prominently placed on our website and in the space, both of which are regularly seen by tech workers and talent in Berlin.

Support the tech environment that supports you

Supporting co.up means supporting an organization that makes the Berlin tech scene extremely valuable for prospective employees from outside of Berlin. In a competitive job market, saying that you support the local tech scene is a great pitch for why a prospective employee should decide to work for you.

Supporting the community reassures reassures people that your company cares about the tech industry and the personal career development of its employees – which makes it easier for you to hire valuable talent.

What to do if they say no?

Don’t panic! You might hear a few different things:

“We only support non-profits.”

What to say: “Think about it as paying for my professional development.”
It’s difficult to get around this one—there might be company policy that prevents it as a whole. However, if your company pays for remote workers’ coworking space memberships, professional development, or other employee perks, try and emphasize the functionality of co.up to you and others. It’s a bargain at that price!

”Why don’t we get more for supporting them?”

What to say: “You get so much! It’s just intangible.”
Companies love to talk about soft skills; this is a soft skill for your business. Think about how much you pay for marketing campaigns to convince hip Berliners to use your product. Now think about how much cheaper it would be to support co.up and talk about that support. It’s instant street cred!

“Recurring monthly membership? Why can’t we just make a big donation?”

What to say: “Without recurring support, it’s a gamble for co.up to sign their lease and they’re not in a financial position to make that gamble.”
This is just the truth: we need recurring support. One-time contributions are accepted and celebrated, but if we don’t meet our recurring goal, then we can’t sign the new lease.

Thank you for talking to your employer! Let’s go #saveCoUp.

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