co.up temporarily closed

In light of the current covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to close the space to all events until further notice. We will set a reopening date once federal and local authorities and health experts have given the all-clear to hold events, and will communicate this date once it has been decided. This also applies to events taking place in the Cobot offices, formerly known as our 5th floor.

This decision applies to all meetups, co-learning groups, work meetings and any other bookings currently made at both spaces. We have asked all organizers to either postpone, cancel, or hold their events remotely, and organizers with their own keys have been asked to not use either space. Organizers with their own keys have also been informed that if they are found to be holding events at either space during this time, they will be asked to return their keys immediately and indefinitely.

Our priority in this is to ensure we are protecting the vulnerable in our city by slowing community spread as much as possible and thereby reducing the pressure on our local healthcare system. We do not want anyone to panic—however, we do take reports from other regions similar to ours seriously, and in a city like Berlin it is important to minimize our coronavirus impact. In keeping with this, our sister company Cobot has also encouraged all employees to work from home for the time being beginning March 10, 2020.

We will make sure to keep organizers updated via email as circumstances evolve, and we encourage them to join the co.up Slack (currently invite-only) to exchange with other organizers and community members on how to best handle this situation, how to conduct remote meetups, etc. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in the context of an unprecedented situation.

If you’re looking for resources, we’re not the experts, but we’re using the following websites for general information and updates specific to the Berlin area: