We did it!

We didn’t realize what a roller coaster we were in for when we started our #saveCoUp campaign on November 6th, but as of today, we can safely announce that we will be signing our contract for the next year!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate—this is an incredible achievement! Thank you!

This would not have been possible without everyone in our community, with a special thanks to all of the company supporters who stepped up to help:










Port Zero



What’s next:

During #saveCoUp, we were informed that our long-term back office tenant will be moving out in March. We’re looking for a new tenant to join us, so we’ve set up a page to direct interested companies towards:


Over the course of the fundraiser, we received many ideas from the community about what they’d like to see from co.up, and some ways to ensure that we’ll stay open for years to come. We want to put them into action! We’ll be hosting another info evening where we discuss our path forward and what opportunities this will present for the community.

After we discuss business, but before we get started on that next phase, we want to say thanks and start to give back by hosting a #savedCoUp party! We invite everyone from the co.up community to join us in the space to celebrate this milestone.

#saveCoUp Info Evening + Party!

🗓 January 31st

🕖19:00 – 21:00

Financial situation
New event info
Community feedback

🕘 21:00 – ???


We hope to see you there!

For more background on co.up’s history, the financial situation, future plans, and on who’s running co.up, read our FAQ.

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