co.up needs your help!

We recently found out that our monthly rent is increasing by over 100%, and we need to raise enough recurring funds to cover the difference—otherwise we will be forced to permanently close the space on January 15th, 2020. We worked hard to negotiate with our landlord, but unfortunately, we now have no alternative but to ask our community for financial help.

It would devastate us to close the space — we know how many organizations and groups rely on co.up for affordable event space in a city rapidly losing independent spaces. We don’t want to become another casualty of rising rents. All hope is not lost! However, we do have to act quickly. Here are some things that you can do to help #saveCoUp.

How can I help?

Individual Sponsorship

The most powerful thing you can do to help save co.up is to become a recurring supporter. This will allow us to maintain our space without the need for constant fundraisers. If we’re unable to get enough recurring support, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to stay open for long. You can sign up as a monthly supporter here.

Company Sponsorship

The next best way to support co.up is to talk with your employer about our company sponsorships; they will be essential in meeting our new monthly payments. We can offer space rental discounts for our company sponsors who wish to book the space for events such as paid workshops, offsites, or team events. You can sign up for a company sponsorship here.

Another way to help is by making a one-time donation. These will help us offset immediate costs and make up any gaps in our monthly funds. Any money in excess of our necessary funds will be used to help renovate and update the space. We keep a tip jar both in our space and online at and Ko-Fi.

How can I help if I don’t have money?

If you are a current user of co.up, or if you have fond memories of the space and how it impacted your life, we’d like to collect your stories! Fill out this short Google form(url) and we can use your submissions to reach new people, underscoring the importance of the space and why it should stay open.

And of course, please share the #saveCoUp campaign as far and wide as you can! Our best resource has always been our community—now we’re counting on you to help us reach people who could help support co.up and allow us to continue our mission. Something as simple as a personal tweet or story linking back to this page is invaluable in getting enough support for us to stick around.

For more details, head to or contact us directly at hello@co-up.