Come to the BEST and LAST co.up coworking party!

tl;dr: Big co.up party, December 1st, 8pm, Adalbertstraße 8, 3rd floor

The last weeks were intense and busy at co.up – wrapping up the coworking part of co.up, saying goodbye to coworkers, preparing the rooms to be ready for our new adventures. Now it’s done, no more coworking at co.up – from now on we’ll focus exclusively on serving the community as an event space and will continue to host amazing meetups and workshops. So hey, let’s not be sad, let’s celebrate what we achieved!

“Without you I would have never met the people who not only got me started in tech but also laid out what kind of tech citizen I want to be 💘” - @maxfell

We’d like to throw our LAST and BEST party. And for that we need you!

Party mood

This is the chance to catch up with new and old coworking friends - be it to share valued memories, recent adventures, a beer or to get your groove on the 3rd floor dance floor. Yes the dance floor is back, and it will stay open until the last person leaves or the police shuts us down, just like back in the day :) DJs will be announced soon.

Party people

For talking and snacks we will open our 5th floor with cosy couches, mulled wine and handmade waffles. Also we will have Club Mate, beer, and other refreshments for sale at a fair price to keep you fresh through the night. AND as a special treat, thanks to our friends from Beck & Wolf some cocktails will be waiting for the connoisseur.

And as we know you love to catch some fresh air on our colourful parking lot…

Parking lot Party people

…we will have a fire bowl set up downstairs. That will help to keep us warm against the Berlin winter chill.

“We will never come together this young” again and probably for the last time like this. So please let us know whether you will join us – either here in the comments or on Facebook.

See you on December 1st from 20:00 onwards at co.up.