end of one journey and the beginning of another


“coworking is more than a desk” - many who experienced co.up for a while saw that. I don’t know about you but for Alex and me coworking has affected our life pretty drastically. We met people, made friends and were exposed to ideas that definitely let us grow personally and professionally. So you can imagine the people aspect of coworking is something we value highly for co.up. And while we could not have done it on our own we were aware that we as founders set the frame and directions for it at co.up.

And it was Aleks’ big task and achievement to keep us on that course for the last years. Making introductions, coordinating communications with our members, set up community events, supporting the user groups that use our space plus all the operational task that come with a coworking space like repairs, handing out keys, drink orders, membership management and a thousand details. Aleks did all that with great patience, an eye for details and personal commitment. So it’s fair to say that Aleks also shaped co.up quite a bit. At the same time Aleks allowed us to focus on bigger things for co.up and building software, something we have a passion for, too. As some of you may know, Cobot, our management software for coworking, started out as a tool to run co.up, but has become a really big thing for us, with a team of 12 people now.

Recently Aleks decided to move on to learn a new profession where he can help and work with people even more closely. And we are very supportive of that courageous decision. Knowing that Aleks is moving on to new adventures by the end of October we asked ourselves whether we are willing to be more directly involved into running co.up again (at least for some time) to keep up with that promise we tie coworking to. This brings us to another thing.

“We prefer doing a few things very well over doing everything in a mediocre way.” - this phrase formulates one of the values we want to work by at Cobot. After some debate we decided that we can’t deliver on both promises at the same time, keeping co.up as a coworking space and putting most of our energy into Cobot and the team behind it. So we decided that we will not offer new coworking memberships effective immediately and we will phase out existing memberships until end of November. That gives everybody enough time to find a new (work) home and also keeps co.up as a good example in the Berlin coworking history instead of letting it fade into being “just a desk”. (Feel free to ask Aleks or me for coworking recommendations in Berlin)

We know co.up is also an important gathering place for other communities. That’s why we will keep the event space running and see that we have the capacity to keep coordinating the use with organizers. We will keep up the commitment we made when you stepped up and supported us financially to keep the event space open. So this will remain unchanged.

Also we will stay involved in coworking beyond Cobot. I will spend more time on Berlin Coworking and the effort to give the independent Spaces of Berlin a united voice and platform. And we will keep seeing each other at coworking conferences not only to share the benefits of using Cobot but to stay involved in the discussions about what coworking is and what direction it is taking.

So this posts marks an end of one journey and the beginning of another. Thank you Aleks for making the journey with us, and thank you all for the support and love we received over the years. co.up coworking closes but coworking is here to stay <3