co.up needs your support!

Dear friends of co.up,

co.up was one of the first coworking spaces in Berlin. From the start, we’ve supported various local communities, most notably developers. We’re hosting free educational events almost every night. Thousands of people in Berlin visit us every month and benefit from co.up’s existence.

Some of our regular events include: various OpenTechSchool learners events and workshops the frontend user group BerlinJS the Berlin Mini Game Jam

Now we need your help. While the number and size of events has been growing steadily, our member count experienced a big drop when our friends from eHealthAfrica outgrew the space. We tried to recover from that, almost succeeding, but a series of thefts and break-ins strained our resources even more. We’re now at a point where co.up cannot sustain its two floors anymore. The 3rd floor is almost exclusively used for free events, but we haven’t been able to attract a company that is okay to share the space with events in the evening, while the separation from the 5th floor makes it unattractive for single coworkers. We are now faced with the choice of either closing down the event space within the next 2 months, or finding alternative ways of financing it. Of course we’re hoping for the latter, which is where you come in.

Here’s the idea: if we can get a few companies or individuals to support co.up with a monthly payment, we can keep the space open for events, and keep supporting Berlin’s diverse communities. In total, we think €1,000 per month would be enough.

Supporters will: be listed on the co.up website allowed to post a job ad on the door of the event space, which is seen by thousands of people every month

To get the party started, our other company, Upstream, committed to support co.up with €100/month, starting now.

Update 7. May, 14:23 Yay! We love you all, we made it! 1000 Thanks

Please get in touch with us via to get on the list. We’ll only add companies until we have the €1,000. First come, first served! :) Alternatively, sign up on Cobot for a €50 individual or a €100/€200 company supporter plan.

Thank you kindly in advance!

Aleks, Thilo, and Alex