Coworking Hack Day 2015 number 2 - long weekend of space improvement!

We’re happy to have the resources to support so many user groups & community initiatives, but sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand as well. The space has never been a money-making endeavor, which is why we rely on our community to give us a bit of a push from time to time. The weekend of 11.12 - 13.12 is our chance to get together with people who want to put something back into the space to make it better for all of us. Here are our plans:

11.-12.12 coworking hack day

Working together to make improvements, big & small, to both spaces. Here’s the Wiki for project ideas! Anyone is invited to propose a project or join an existing project group. We’ll be starting at 10:00 on 11.12.

11.12 at 19:00 end-of-the-year party

Our annual December mini party, with waffles & Glühwein. People are very welcome to bring along something tasty to share, as well as their friends & loved ones!

13.12 3rd floor improvement day for UGs

An initiative of some of our UG organisers to freshen up the 3rd floor with various tweaks. We want to encourage UGs to feel more responsibility for the space & help us keep it open for you. All UG organisers, participants, & other friends of the space are very welcome to come help. Here’s the Google doc with more info.

co.up lets user groups & meetups that are open for everyone & don’t charge an entry fee use the space for free. You can support us not only by coming to the hack day(s), whether just for a few hours or for all three days, but also by buying drinks (the proceeds of which go toward our rent) as well as giving donations to help us keep the space open for you! Another great way to support the space is by being in it & recommending it to nice people you know: we are currently looking for new members & offer a free trial day - people can just write to to arrange it.

We’re very much hoping to see you there!