Coworking Hack Day 2015 - call for projects

It’s been way too long since we did our last coworking hack day in 2012, but the cool projects we all built together are still in the space and being used every day.

Everyone’s all-time favorite must be our web-based door opener, made by Rudis, using an Arduino and a few wires at our first hack day in 2011.

Another project still very present is the giant blackboard in the 5th floor lounge, made by Kriesse.

Ever wondered what the little mushrooms hanging in various spots around the space are? They actually have LEDs and a (long dead) battery inside of them, so they used to blink. It was Conny who brought a sewing machine and a few materials to show us how to make them, and soon enough, the space around her got busy, as everyone wanted to make a mushroom of their own design.

This year, we want to continue this amazing tradition! We already have a date: on September 11/12, we want to turn the space into a workshop of wild ideas. Anything is possible, be it digital, analog or both. It can be something for co.up, but it doesn’t have to be. If you need materials, talk to us, and we can probably pay for them. If you have an idea, please add it to the coworking hack day wiki. If you don’t have an idea, come anyway and see which project you can join, or just hang out and watch, take photos, or show us your grilling skills at the barbecue.


We’ve already collected a few ideas:

  • Thilo & Conny are going to work on new lights for the space.
  • Aleks wants to raise the drinks fridge so we don’t have to bow down every time.
  • Alex wants to build wooden honeycombs to sit in.
  • Others want to sound-proof the bathrooms, or play ocean sounds if that doesn’t work.

Time & Date

On Friday, there will be a free (as opposed to flea) market to give away things we don’t use that have accumulated in the space.

Both Friday and Saturday will be reserved for hacking on projects, and the event will end with this year’s summer party on Saturday evening.

Please join the Facebook event and add your project to the wiki. We can’t wait to see you there!