Are you looking for that one awesome developer to be your partner in crime? Do you need to find a designer who gets exactly what your brand/product needs? Or are you looking for a sparring partner to complete your team?

How about tapping into the co.up community pool?

The co.up newsletter is sent out every Monday to over 200 people, most of whom are (web) developers and designers based in Berlin. Benefit from this unique opportunity to draw from our local & trusted community in order to directly target the people you are looking for.

Great, I’m interested! So how does this work?

  • Per newsletter, we reserve a space for one single job ad;
  • Your job ad is run for 2 weeks (2 consecutive emails) at a total price of €200;
  • Contact to reserve your spot.

Your ad:

  • is placed at the bottom of the email, separate from any other content
  • only consists of text
  • contains no more than 140 characters
  • can include basic formatting (bold/italic/underline), as well as links
  • must be paid for upfront

We are looking forward to connecting some of you brilliant people through!