Coworking in Barcelona

We just started a collaboration with Sunny Office that offers our coworkers a 5% discount on their offers.

Sunny Office

Sunny Office organize coworking retreats in sunny places in order to escape the cold northern European winter. From their website:

Work & live with like-minded co-workers in beautiful places!

Sunny Office

Do you work location-independent?

Would you like to escape winter, meet like-minded people and be in beautiful places?

Sunny Office was born because I wanted to combine my love for sunny places and co-working. Work and live together with amazing like-minded people for one to two weeks.

We provide beautiful villas with perfect infrastructure and take care of all the organization.

Come over, bring your projects to the next level and have fun! You will be amazed how much focus, inspiration, great exchange and wonderful experiences you will find.

The 5% discount code is “CoUplovessun”.