Many of us turn out to have unusual schedules, especially when we have the freedom to plan our own. Not everyone is an early bird, even if our opening time of 10:00 is not quite the crack of dawn. For those of you who are night owls, like our super awesome Cristina, we’ll be trying out a biweekly session of evening coworking: co.owls. Cristina will be here to help you get set up with the special plan in Cobot that will let you buy night passes for just 8 EUR a piece & work in the space starting from 19:00 until whenever it’s time to call it a night. Of course, if you’re already a coworker, there is no need for you to buy an extra time pass. The first session is coming up on June 20th, & following dates can always be found on the events calendar. Let her know you’re coming by pinging her on Twitter, & spread the word!