No new UGs for now

co.up’s first & foremost goal has always been to help sustain & foster the growth of the tech community in Berlin, which is why we have always provided the space for free to events that educate & provide networking opportunities to both seasoned professionals & beginners in the tech scene. The events are organized by current & former coworkers, as well as friends of the space; they range from giants, like BerlinJS & its submeetups, regularly drawing ~100 people or more, sometimes spilling over into the 5th floor with a Google Hangout, to various groups that are still growing, like the recently formed Freerangers, an exclusive, biweekly meetup for women & trans* geeks freelancing in tech. We host plenty of one-time events, too, which are not always related to IT but definitely to community & working on a better world, like Changing Course. No matter how big or small or what they cover, they are all important as long as they provide worth to the people attending them.

Because our events calendar has gotten so incredibly full, we have to put a cap on taking on new events for the time being. Requests for hosting one-time events are still welcome! If you can find a free date in the calendar, just send your event proposal to hello[at] & let us get back to you about whether or not it’s possible.

Thanks to all of our meetup & event organizers for their hard work, making co.up a place for exchange, sharing, & collaboration. We are lucky to have you! <3