Improvement Day no. 2

Last month we started our Improvement Days – once a month the co.up team gets together for an entire day to do nothing but improve the space. Today was our second improvement day and again we got a lot of things done. Thanks a lot Jan J. for helping out.

Here’s what we did:

We discovered the space has three different kinds of walls while installing new whiteboards on the 3rd floor. Rock-solid concrete (hammer drill to the rescue), brick wall that dissolves into powder when looked at too intensely (love keeps them together) and drywall (special dowels did work in the end):

whitboard 1 whitboard 2

New skill aquired: installing a toilet seat (turns out to be really easy).

new toilet seat

This block will – well – block the door so that people coming to user groups and events can get in without using the bell.

door block

A level would have helped when installing new coat hangers downstairs. The iPhone app was a bit of a disappointment. Don’t look too closely :)

coat hangers

Sitting kills you. Here’s our second standing desk, crafted from an Ikea Ivar shelf and spare parts – separate post coming. Both standing desks are located on the fifth floor.

standing desk

Finally we now have a couch table on the third floor as well:

couch table

The next improvement day will be in January. We have a bunch of projects lined up already, so watch this space (no pun intended).