Starting the new year with node.js

Ricky Ng-Adam is hoping to organize a node.js workshop for Berliners on January 4-6th, but needs at least 10 people to sign up by the end of this week in order to make this plan a reality, as he would be travelling a long way. In order to make the workshop more financially accessible, he has opted to focus on the following content, excluding the hardware:

  • Software development

  • Frontend development

  • Server development

This would be the new, much more affordable pricing table:

10 participants: 360€ per person

11: 330€

12: 300€

13: 280€

14: 260€

15: 240€

16: 230€

17: 220€

18: 200€

19: 190€

20: 180€

An overview of the workshop can be found here, as well as Ricky’s contact information, needed for signing up.

For more background on co.up’s history, the financial situation, future plans, and on who’s running co.up, read our FAQ.

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