Starting the new year with node.js

Ricky Ng-Adam is hoping to organize a node.js workshop for Berliners on January 4-6th, but needs at least 10 people to sign up by the end of this week in order to make this plan a reality, as he would be travelling a long way. In order to make the workshop more financially accessible, he has opted to focus on the following content, excluding the hardware:

  • Software development

  • Frontend development

  • Server development

This would be the new, much more affordable pricing table:

10 participants: 360€ per person

11: 330€

12: 300€

13: 280€

14: 260€

15: 240€

16: 230€

17: 220€

18: 200€

19: 190€

20: 180€

An overview of the workshop can be found here, as well as Ricky’s contact information, needed for signing up.