Horrible co.games in the new lounge

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Yesterday night, the latest installment of co.games brought up a full house at co.up. Around fifteen coworkers and newcomers gathered around our shiny new dinner table and spent 4 hours mainly playing Cards Against Humanity. Initially conceived on Kickstarter the game calls itself a “party game for horrible people” - we had lots of fun with it.

When I was tripping on acid, Toni Morrison's vagina turned into genetically engineered super-solfiers

“When I was tripping on acid, Toni Morrison’s vagina turned into genetically engineered super-soldiers.”


Speaking of dinner table – the upstairs lounge recently got a huge upgrade. We tossed the old sofas and the bean bag and instead bought two new sofas and a huge table that seats about 10 people. Not only does the lounge look a lot nicer now, but it’s also better suited for smaller events like lunches, project groups or playing games. Expect more of that in the near future.

In related news the co.up team has introduced the co.up improvement day. Every month we take one day off from regular work to focus solely on projects for improving the space. The first improvement day took place on November 2nd and we spent it mostly at Ikea buying the new lounge furniture and then setting it up. We are planning for the next one to be on Dec 7th where we will focus on the third floor space. Coworkers who want to help out are invited to participate. Let us know if you want to come!

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