Crowdfunding success

We here at co.up are very happy & grateful that you helped us reach our crowdfunding goal! The new space is now open for coworking, even though it is still a bit rough around the edges. Thanks to our designer, we have the basics: beautiful new tables with folding legs for easy storage during bigger events & comfortable chairs with good back support. Still, we have many improvements ahead of us: the lighting needs to be replaced with energy efficient bulbs that will be bright without giving us a cold cubicle office feel, & echo reduction will improve the atmosphere by making the big space feel less like a cave. :) Moreover, we have big plans for improving the space with our user groups in mind, more specifically, creating an easy way to record what goes on during the events so that the knowledge & innovation shared there can be documented passed on to those who couldn’t attend.

All of you who passed on the word, called others to help, & gave us a hand in any way have our deepest & most sincere thanks. It is great to know we have you on our side! A giant thanks goes out to Sven, Molily, Christoph, Stephan, Jens, Matt, Felix, Scott, Andrea, Pat, Sergio, Mari, Tiffany, Patrick, Irina, Johan, Tania, Clemens, Alex, Matthias, Robert, Horia, Ivo, Ari, Fabia, Anja L., Alexander, Gerrit, Kriesse, Uli, Jonathan, Christoph, Sylvia, Anna F., Stefan, Florian, Alex, Gregor, Johannes, Jed, Fronx, Christopher, Fabian, Tim, Friedemann, Jacob, Vlad, Gilbert, Marijn, Tim, Christoph, Lukas, Jonas, Till, Dylan, Jens, the folks at Scalarium, Jannis, Morgan, Haiko, Jan, Phillip, Antonio, Thorsten, Carsten, our pals at Wooga, Wojciech, Horst, Mathias, Michael, Katrin, Frank, Peter, the lovely people at Deskmag, Manuel, Sebastian, Tim, Dominik, Stephan, Melanie, Lorenzo, Rebecca, Anne, Robin, Eugen, Cristina C., Jiri S., Ulf H., Duana, Guillermo, Benjamin, Krzysztof, Amélie, Gert, Oliver, Abache, Florian, the awesome people behind JSConfEU, Joan, Ómar, our 2nd-Tuesday-of-the-month friends from up.front, fantastically generous Mozilla, Sebastian, Phillip, & all of our friends who came to the housewarming party in the space! You blew us out of the water by donating 7,150.01€, which is 150,01€ more than we hoped for. Thank you!

We want to keep you up to date on all the work we are putting into the new space, so watch the blog & Twitter for news about all we’re doing. Of course having twice the space means that we have many more seats for you, so drop by anytime!

Update: David joins our list of crowdfunders, bringing us to an amazing grand total of 7,950.01€! Thanks again to all of you!