Basic memberships

After receiving plenty of helpful feedback from our coworkers about the support membership idea, it has been decided to approach the issue from a different angle.

Having reworked our ideas, we wanted to put the emphasis on meeting the needs of our community & having it grow without losing the personal connections that make it strong, which means providing an opportunity for those people who perhaps can’t cowork with us on a daily basis to be more involved & take part in what we feel is the best part about coworking: creating relationships with people.

Basic Memberships

The basic membership costs 20€ a month & includes 3 days of coworking, as well as access to discounted day passes, providing more flexibility & encouraging basic members to come by as often as they can. Day passes will still be available, but they will now cost 15€, since we would rather have you return & get to know you than just have you drop by once & disappear!

Just like our part-time & full-time plans in Cobot, the basic membership includes access to our newsletter, the members area of, & internal events, a combination of fun & ever important networking.

Drinks without the coins

Other improvements to co.up include new extras on Cobot, where we manage our coworking space, that allow you to add 10 or 20 (or in combination - 30!) drinks to your current plan, including the charge on your monthly invoice rather than making you carry around plenty of change for the money bowl. As with the “Matekasse”, we’re providing this added convenience on good faith, meaning that we expect you to be trustworthy & consume only as many drinks as you’ve paid for. Let’s try it out for a few months & then see if we need to make any changes!

As always, you as coworkers are encouraged to share your ideas with us for further improvements of the space and everything connected to it. It’s important that you feel at home & welcome to get involved. We hope the basic membership will provide this chance to more & more of you!