Kfé Innovación

During CoHackDay we had the pleasure of being joined by Chris, Ana, & Ishmael. Chris & Ana are organizing Kfé Innovación, which co.up will be hosting this Friday, the 27th, at 19:00. What is that, you say? Chris explains:


On Friday, January 27th, Kfé Innovación will take place in Berlin for the first time.

What is Kfé Innovación?

  • Simple: 20 people meeting over a coffee/beer/club mate to share ideas, knowledge, experience, and lols.
  • Global: this will happen the same day at the same time in different cities all over the world.
  • Social: all the venues will be in contact through social networks.
  • Open: Events can be organised by anybody, anywhere.


Kfé Innovación has been around for a year now, and has gone from individual chats with so-called “experts” to talk about web2.0 and innovation with people who may or may not be involved with them, to the current simultaneous, all around the world face-to-face meetings of 20 people per venue to discuss a subject related to social issues and innovation and to share ideas, knowledge, experience & find ways to go from discussion to practice. There are currently 31 places which will be taking part in this edition of Kfé Innovación, #kfe05, ranging from a small village in the Pyrenees to New York City.

Here in Berlin the topic will be Networked cities/cities of Networks:

What makes a networked city? Is it the technology which controls the urban infrastructure or the networks of people who make up the population? And as networked tech becomes more ubiquitous both through big “Smart City” projects and the “smart phone” in your pocket, how will cities change, and will citizens be able to use their connected, distributed potential?

How will the open data, maker, hacker, designer, open gov, coworking, urban gardening and other networks play a role in the networked city?

Come along on January 27th and let’s work it out!

The hash tag for the event is #kfe05, and it will take place here, at the co.up coworking space, from 19:00-21:00

The event is free, but please sign up at Eventrbrite.