Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you blinked, you probably missed it. :) We are amazed & delighted that everyone joined forces so quickly to raise money for the new fridge. The 30 donations we received put us well over the goal of 670€; we wound up with the incredibly generous sum of 899€ in a mere three hours! This is a very encouraging outcome for us, because the fundraiser was meant to test the response of the community to our request for help. co.up relies on the people in & around it to continue being the place to meet like-minded, smart people, as well as the home to many great user groups. Your attendance, support, & patronage are what keep the space running. We’re truly grateful.

The money not spent on the new refrigerator will be saved for other projects, which are currently in the planning stages and will be shared with you soon. Every donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated. As promised, though, the biggest contributors will be mentioned here with much gratitude:

Patrick is one of our former coworkers, a software developer & consultant who also works with Wooga, a Berlin-based game development company.

Gregor is also one of our former coworkers & the great mind behind, an excellent browser-based tool for sharing notes during & after meetings.

Robin is one of our awesome coworkers, & the diligent co-organizer of not one, but three (!) user groups (BerlinJS, BePHPUG, & up.front).

Caio is a friend of co.up who travels between Berlin & San Francisco. His website has more information about the things he’s currently involved in.

Amazon Web Services also made a very generous donation. This is the second time they have helped us; last year they were so kind as to sponsor a new projector. Many thanks!

Again, everyone has our enormous, heartfelt thanks to for rallying, helping, passing on the word, & being the best community of people we could ask for. Here’s to cold beers in the near future!