Cold drinks for everyone!

Dear coworkers, friends, and supporters of co.up,

As you know, co.up loves user groups - we host a number of regular events every month, as well as those that take place less often like the Mini Game Jam or our very own Coworking Hack Day. Many of the user groups are organized by our own awesome coworkers, like Berlin.js & BePHPUG, & are a great way to get together & learn from each other in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. They are a terrific example of the collaborative spirit of coworking, which is why co.up is happy to support them with the space, chairs, the projector, & drinks as well.

Unfortunately, something that co.up can’t provide is enough cold drinks for the hundreds of participants who frequent the user groups. Surely many of you have experienced the disappointment of having to drink lukewarm beer at a meet-up. A few of our coworkers have been unpleasantly surprised by bursting bottles, which is a result of some poor, desperate person cranking up our dinky little refrigerator, in the false hope of getting something cold to drink in 10 minutes. Our tiny fridge just can’t handle it!

tiny fridge already full!

This is why we would like to ask you to help us provide you with cold drinks at all the meet-ups, by making a donation toward a new fridge. Not just any old refrigerator, but a gigantic 335 liter monster with enough space for 249 bottles of ice-cold brew! The glass door will let you see what you’d like, so you can just open it, grab your drink. Low energy consumption thanks to thick insulation means that we’ll be environmentally friendly, too.

Help us bring the time of having to come a half an hour early to up.front in order to snag a cold beer to an end. Every donation makes a difference, but 5€ will get you an icy bottle of the drink of your choice, handed to you with a smile. If you’re feeling more generous, for 20€ we will throw in a free day of coworking. As for our biggest supporters with donations of 50€ or more - we will bow down to you in eternal gratitude & feature you in our follow-up post.

No matter how much you donate, or even if you just help us spread the word, you will have our sincere thanks and cool drinks for a euro if we meet our goal of 670€. To show we are serious, and Cobot, our coworking space management software, have donated 100€ already. You can see the progress of the fundraiser so far here:
Click here to lend your support to: Cold drinks for co.up and make a donation at !

Thanks very much for your participation & support!


Wow, more than 50% within an hour!!

If you absolutely don’t want to use PayPal you can also use our bank account. Please add “fridge” and your twitter name to the subject so that we can say thank you.

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Please also send us the info (amount and twitter name) via email so that we can keep track of our goal.

You all rock!

Update 2

We made 899 Euros in around 3 hours, that was much better than we hoped for. We like to thank everybody who donated! We are all pretty excited right now. We will order the fridge tomorrow :).