Coworking Hack Day #2

After the great fun of the first Coworking Hack Day on August 27th last year, we’re organizing another event! Just like last time, the event is open to everyone. One direction for projects could be to come by the space for a visit & think of something that would make working here nicer, more efficient or more comfortable. Projects of this nature from the first CoHackDay include the awesome Arduino door bell hack, which lets us buzz open the outside door downstairs without having to get up every time (seriously the best). Another direction would be to create a workshop to present to others, teaching them a little about something you’re passionate about. Last time, Semi showed us how to make cloth mushroom throwies with magnetic bases, perfect for urban – as well as coworking space – beautification. Yet another way to participate would be to come with an idea or a personal project that you may be looking for help with; among a big group of friendly, helpful people with varying skills, you’re sure to find someone who would be happy to tinker with your idea or give you some advice. Be prepared to lend a helping hand yourself! Visit the Coworking Hack Day site or follow us on Twitter for updates. Go to the Wiki & include your idea for a project, workshop, or activity on the Projects page. Tell your friends, re-tweet, & come be creative on the 21st! We’re looking forward to seeing you!