End of 2011

It’s unbelievable that another year of co.up, the coworking space with the most awesome coworkers, is coming to a close. :) It’s always nice to be able to look back at what went on & see how far we’ve all come. Quite a few changes took place this year, so we thought to make note & share with you as well.

  • Gilbert, former designer for Wildbit (Beanstalk and Postmark) joined in March, and became a regular at work and parties. :)
  • In May, Rodica and Matt from Amazon visited us to check out the tech scene, and were so nice as to sponsor a new projector!
  • unhosted.org, an open source platform separating web apps from data storage, was founded in co.up by Michiel.
  • Andreas “Andy” Hellwig joined in July to team up with our very own Urs to take care of the myclimate.org web applications, which you might have used without noticing when paying something extra to offset your CO2 emissions.
  • In late July, Aleks started work as co.up’s community manager, creating order where before was chaos. ;)
  • In preparation for the SlutWalk Berlin, we happily donated that space to the fine folks organizing this event.
  • The first Coworking Hack Day took place on August 27th & was a total blast! Planning CoHackDay #2 is taking place now, & you should definitely include your project idea in the wiki. The event is open to anyone who would like to participate. Spreading the word would be a big help, too!
  • Coworking Week 2011 took place in September, and co.up participated by hosting an open house and co.beers in the evening.
  • Processing Berlin is a new user group of ours that started meeting in the autumn. They’re interested in coding and generative art, and can be followed on Twitter for updates.
  • We also spread the word and hosted the founding meet-up of the Graph coding dojo in October, with a focus on graph databases. Contact Pere for more info on other events.
  • Our wonderful friend & coworker, Kriesse, had a great opportunity to go to San Francisco. She’ll be with us from January 2nd until the 13th, so come by & say hello!
  • co.up celebrated its 2-year anniversary on November 2nd. It was great to see the space packed full of friends, whether they used to work here or are doing so currently. The party next year will be even bigger & better!
  • Several cool one-time (and hopefully son to be regular) events were organized by our members, like Couchhack by Jan and the open data hackday by Urs. It makes us happy to see that people not only use the space as a place to work, but also to organize something!
  • The European Coworking Conf in the beginning of November included co.up as one of the stops in the official tour, so we could show our space to the world. We had several groups of people starting their own spaced stop by for inspiration, which was a nice compliment. :)
  • We’re continuing to follow the exciting development of CouchDB, including the first-hand experience of Jan, our dear friend & coworker, who is not only running a business around CouchDB, but is a core developer and the co-founder of Couchbase (formerly CouchOne and/or Couchio).
  • The space grows more and more international, with Matteo from Italy, Esther and Javier from Spain, Jeremias from Finland, Edward from the Netherlands, not to mention day-pass users and other members who perhaps don’t come in quite as often!
  • Our space became quite green, with lots of plants and an anonymous good spirit taking care of them. (Thanks! <3) It’s also nice that members have been sweet enough to bring in treats to share.
  • We are also saying goodbye to our longtime member, friend, and party animal, Alexander Wilde, who needed a change of scene. Good luck with all your endeavors! :)

What a year! A heartfelt thanks to everyone for being part of it. So, what’s next?

  • More parties! We want to create a fun and friendly atmosphere, which means providing lots of opportunities to get to know other members better. Co.beers is an event that takes place every two weeks on Wednesdays and is a great chance to have a few beers (it’s on us!) and find out more about whoever you sit next to during the day.
  • Exploring new ways to make the space more yours. Coworking is centered around the people working at the space, which means that everyone has a right (and an obligation!) to provide input, help with changes and new ideas, as well as to take on some of the responsibility for the space. We want you to feel at home as well as take part in the growth and development of co.up!
  • More for the community: more user groups, events, meet-ups, Coworking Hack Days, personal project evenings, lunches, etc. Have a great idea? Let us know!

Have a happy, happy New Year, and see you in 2012!