2 years with awesome people and counting

This Wednesday (02.11.2011) we celebrated the 2-year anniversary of co.up and – a little late – 5 years of upstre.am. It really was a great party for me because so many people showed up who are somehow connected to us. I hadn’t seen some of them since our last party a year ago (note to self, we should have more parties). And since coworking is not about a space but rather the people, I’d like to give a shout out to everybody that showed up (and who I can remember right now):


Our #1 coworker and CouchDB expert Jan; former coworker and party friend Tadas; our wonderful accountant Manuela; our latest coworker from Finland, Jeremias and his girlfriend Mare; Christian and Georg, two designers who helped us a lot with our first web apps and the upstre.am logo; Julia Sörgel, whose time tracking app mite we use every day; Pearl from Austin, researching and living in Berlin right now and joining our party; Futurist and Blogger Plomlompom; Thomas, the maker of scalarium, a cloud management software that makes our life so much easier; short-time employee, long-time friend Katrin; Till, our favorite coworker with a cute dog; Gilbert, our coworker and recent UI designer of choice, with his lovely girlfriend Anna; recent trial member and author, Katrin; Nico: designer, developer, fashion victim ;-) ; knitting hacker Fabienne; another former coworker Alexis, who’s now making awesome iPhone apps with CodeKollektiv; Alex, founder of indyhall and coworking guru; Niklas, a regular guest at our events ever since he found his passion for sewing during coworkinghackday; Bernd who just turned 38 years older than co.up that day; Sebastian and his colleagues from 9elements.com, who rock Ruby on Rails in the Ruhrgebiet; Rudolfs who did most of the work when hacking our door opener so that we don’t have to get up all the time to open the downstairs door; our community manager Aleks, who did a great job of organizing the party; Gregor, also a former coworker who now works in Zurich mostly on his beautiful meeting tool minutes.io; Anne who is fighting against discrimination and sexism with the SlutWalk Berlin, as well as at least a dozen more people that I can’t recall right now (sorry!). And last, but not least, I’d like to give a shout out to all the coworkers and friends that couldn’t make it that night.

We looking forward to many more great years with you all! ♥