Berlin tech user groups

A post in the rug.b Google group a while ago, as well as this post made us realize that there isn’t really a list of Berlin’s tech user groups, so we made one:

.net Developers group Berlin Brandenburg

Ableton user group

ALT.NET user group Berlin

Amazon Web Service user group

Android user group

BePHPUG, Twitter (PHP user group)

Berlin DevOps, Twitter

Berlin Go user group, Google group

Berlin graph coding dojo

Berlin GTUG (Google technologies user group)

Berlin Hack&Tell, Twitter (5-minute talks about personal projects & hacks)

Berlin.js, Twitter (Javascript user group)

Berlin Lispers’ meetup

Clojure Berlin, Twitter

Cocoaheads (Cocoa (Touch) user group)

CouchDB user group

Django user group

Drupal user group

Erlang user group

InDesign user group Berlin

Java user group Berlin

Joomla! user group

LEPTON user group

neo4j user group

Pd Berlin user group

Processing Berlin, Twitter (creative coding, generative art & design)

Python user group

rug.b - Ruby user group Berlin, Twitter

Scala user group - Berlin Brandenburg

Silverlight Usergroup (SLUG)

Supercollider user group

Ubuntu user group

Up.front, Twitter (frontend & design)

vimberlin, Twitter

Zope user group

The Berlin web event list is also a good resource for irregular or one-time events. If you know of anything that ought to be added to this list, please let us know by sending an email to Thanks!