Coworking Week 2011 Open House

Coworking Week 2011 (also on Twitter and Facebook) will take place this year from the 19th until the 25th of September. co.up will be participating by having an open house on Wednesday, the 21st - a day when anyone can come in for a free day of coworking, as well as enjoy some beers with other coworkers when the work day’s over at 19:00. We would love to see lots of new faces, especially those of people who are have never worked in a coworking space, so please feel free to extend invitations to anyone you may think would be interested in seeing what our day-to-day is like. People who are unable to attend during the day are welcome to drop by in the evening to have a look around, too. Please help us get the word out by linking to this blog post or the Facebook event page, retweeting, & by inviting people personally. We look forward to having a full house & a great day to remind us what the best thing about coworking is: community. For more information about other events, check out the event calendar on the Coworking Week 2011 website.