New community manager

Hi! My name is Aleks; half-Latvian, half-USian, and now – since not so long ago – happy Berliner. Working at co.up is my first foray into the world of coworking and I’m enjoying it so far. I help Alex and Thilo to take care of the space, show new co-workers around, organize events like the coworking hack day, and generally try to rein in chaos. ;) It’s great to have the opportunity to learn so many new things, as well as work in a cool environment with nice, creative people.

Even though I’m surrounded by them on a daily basis at co.up and at home, I’m not actually a computer geek, but rather more of a literature/philosophy nerd (inter alia), with a keen interest in animal rights, feminism, queer theory and further deteriorating my already poor eyesight by reading all the books I can get my nose into. In my free time I like to bicycle around the city, attend geeky/nerdy/arty/political events and talk nonsense in German, which I am still in the process of learning. “Wenn du mit mir Deutsch sprichst, dann bitte langsam and deutlich! Danke!”

I’m also helping my friend, Swantje, open her own co-sewing space, so if you are interested in sewing, knitting or crafting at any skill level, visit the Nadelwald.

Any requests, tricks, suggestions and questions regarding co.up as well as explanations about German grammar and its “Ausnahmen” can be sent to If you want to stay updated about what we’re doing at co.up, follow @co_up or @piile if you’d like to follow my personal ramblings.