Coworking Europe 2010 - First European Coworking Conference

After having established more than 140 coworking spaces, the coworking movement in Europe is now taking it to the next level by having the first conference on the subject. The Coworking Europe 2010 conference will take place November 19-20th at The Hub Brussels.

In a way Europe is catching up with the U.S. where the concept of coworking originated and coworkers from around the States already meet once a year in Austin, Texas during South by South West.

I’m sure this conference will not only attract attention in Europe but overseas as well, as coworking is evolving fast and there is a great need to exchange ideas to get the most from it and to promote it to more people.

Alex will be on site to put our ideas and experiences into the brain pool and show interested people how Cobot can help you to get started with your own space and run it more easily.