We are a Community Event Space located in Berlin Kreuzberg providing event and workshop spaces for the Berlin tech and creative community. » more

Welcome to Co.up Community Event Space

Co.up is a Community Event Space. We provide event and workshop spaces for open and free events in the local tech and creative scene. Most of our current events are focused on software development, creative programming and digital design, but people from all fields are very welcome. Events Calendar »

Important: Co.up does not offer coworking anymore. We are now a space for events and workshops only.

Our community events and meetups hosted in the 3rd floor on evenings and weekends will always be free and open to everyone who wants to join! Check out our events page for more information.

Our History

After many years of coworking, community-building, and growing together with you, co.up will be closing its doors for coworking. We have had a long journey, starting out as a fledgling space in 2009, simply sharing the office with friends, to opening up to hundreds of coworkers who have visited us from all over the world. It’s been great to meet so many new people, make connections, and see people share with and learn from each other! Thank you very much for everything you have contributed to the space – your presence, your ideas, your energy, your support – to give us such a wonderful, long run. Most of all, we are proud and happy to have been a meeting place for so many self-organised learning groups and peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges, contributing to the development of both so many individuals as well as so many communities. Without the people in it, the space itself would have been a pale shadow compared to what it has been for so many of us. Thank you again for all these years of sharing, both the space and so much more!

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