We are a Community Event Space located in Berlin Kreuzberg providing event and workshop spaces for the Berlin tech and creative community. » more

We provide the space to support local groups & initiatives that don’t charge an entry fee for their events & strengthen the community. While long, this text covers issues that have been problem areas in the past, so please read through it carefully & ask any questions you may have. The main rule is basic common sense: treat the space & the people/things in it with respect, don’t take or use what is not yours or has not been explicitly offered to you, & clean up after yourselves, leaving the space the way you found it.

If you have never visited the space before, these instructions will be useful. Once connected to our WiFi, simply enter http://door/letmein or in a browser when someone rings the doorbell & our Arduino door buzzer hack will open the downstairs door. If it doesn’t seem to be working, the door can be opened the old-fashioned way by pushing the black button on the intercom, to the left of the space door.

Drinks can be found in the refrigerator and cost 2€ a piece. Since we don’t charge organizers for using the space for community events, the money we get from the sale of drinks helps us keep the space open & free for everyone. Paying for the drinks is based on a trust system: the money should be put in the white bowl near the fridge. Empty bottles should be put in the matching crates.

Feel free to make use of whatever equipment in the coworking space you would like to (projector, sound system, whiteboards, desks) & rearrange the furniture according to your needs, but after your event please return the space its usual state. Please do not leave any trash outside of the bins, food leftovers, signs, posters, dirty dishes outside of the diswasher, etc. Treat the space as a leave-no-trace campsite: if you brought it in, bring it out.

For wheelchair users & people with special accessibility needs, the elevator key (with a round head) is attached to a plush toy elephant in either space (for specific locations, see below). The key is necessary to open the elevator door from the outside on the ground floor, as well as sometimes to choose a floor. If the floor button doesn’t light up when you push it, there is a slot for the key to be placed in & turned, which at times is a bit tricky. Please make sure to return the elephant to its spot when you’ve finished using it.

3rd floor space:

The door across from the entrance to the space is to EasyBib’s private office, which is not to be used for events or coworking. Please keep the door closed & leave the furniture/equipment in the office as it is. If you find you need an extra table, please use the one in the meeting room, situated immediately to the left of the entrance.

When putting back the furniture after your event, consult the checklist/schematic outlining how to do so, found to the right of the white UV lights, on the wall.

In the 3rd floor, the elevator key (with a round head) is attached to the plush pink elephant sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

5th floor space:

Since there is no private office on the 5th floor, you are welcome to use the space in its entirety for your event.

In the 5th floor, the elevator key (with a round head) is attached to the plush blue elephant sitting on the bar in the lounge.