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We are a coworking space located in Berlin Kreuzberg providing desks, wi-fi and a friendly community for independent workers. » more

Pricing and Availability

We currently have free desks available. Curious?

New to coworking? You’re more than welcome to come by for a tour and a free trial day! Please let us know when you’d like to visit.

What you get as a coworker:


We offer lockers and keys to the space for 24/7 access, as well as the possibility of registering your business address and using the mailbox at an additional charge. We only have a limited number of lockers & sets of keys, so please ask before adding these to your membership.


With our expansion, both spaces combined are ~300sqm of coworking, with a lounge, three coworking offices with desks, and two meeting rooms. Altogether, we have space for about 30 coworkers.

Events/Room rental

We have a few options for room rentals. Please get in touch via for more information about availability.

Meeting room Office room Entire 5th floor space Entire 3rd floor space
<= 6 ppl <= 15 ppl. for workshops,
<= 50 ppl. for presentations
<= 30 ppl. for workshops <= 40 ppl. for workshops,
70-100 ppl. for presentations
15 sqm 60 sqm 180 sqm, 3 rooms: 2 offices, 1 lounge 155 sqm, 1 large room + kitchen/meeting room
€150/day*, €20/h* €300/day*, 50€/h* €800/day* €500/day*, 100€/h*
w/ projector only on weekends only on weekends w/ projector, speakers/mic;
only on weekends or after 19:00 on weekdays

* includes 19% VAT/MwSt.

Visitors can help themselves to the bottled drinks in our fridge (soft drinks, water, beer) for €1,50 each.