We are a coworking space located in Berlin Kreuzberg providing desks, wi-fi and a friendly atmosphere for independent workers. » more


What you get as a coworker:


Plan Full time Part time Day Pass Basic membership
Who? Independent professionals working full-time Students/freelancers working 2-3 days/week Visitors staying a day or a few People who want to come in once a week
Price 210€/month* 115€/month* 15€/day* 30€/month*

* includes 19% VAT/MwSt. On the date of your registration (ex. April 7), you pay for one month in advance and can cancel for the next month anytime until the date of your next invoice (ex. May 7). We can also prorate your invoice if you want to pay on a certain day of the month. Plans are renewed automatically unless cancelled.

For details, see our Cobot site. Cobot is a tool we developed to make managing a coworking space easier and cheaper. Please get in touch with us before signing up to see if we have any available work spaces.

New to coworking? You’re more than welcome to come by for a tour and a free trial day! Please let us know when you’d like to visit.


We offer lockers and keys to the space for 24/7 access, as well as the possibility of registering your business address and using the mailbox at an additional charge. We only have a limited number of lockers & sets of keys, so please ask before adding these to your membership.


With our expansion, both spaces combined are ~300sqm of coworking, with a lounge, three coworking offices with desks, and two meeting rooms. Altogether, we have space for about 30 coworkers. Please contact us for information regarding free seats, as the space may be fully booked.

Events/Room rental

We have a few options for room rentals. Please get in touch via hello@co-up.de for more information about availability.

Meeting room Office room Entire 5th floor space Entire 3rd floor space
Good For <= 6 ppl <= 15 ppl. for workshops,
<= 50 ppl. for presentations
<= 30 ppl. for workshops <= 40 ppl. for workshops,
70-100 ppl. for presentations
Size 15 sqm 60 sqm 180 sqm, 3 rooms: 2 offices, 1 lounge 155 sqm, 1 large room + kitchen/meeting room
Price €150/day*, €20/h* €300/day*, 50€/h* €800/day* €500/day*, 100€/h*
Comment w/ projector only on weekends only on weekends w/ projector, speakers/mic;
only on weekends or after 19:00 on weekdays

* includes 19% VAT/MwSt.

Visitors can help themselves to the bottled drinks in our fridge (soft drinks, water, beer) for €1,50 each.