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Open Device Lab

** UPDATE 2018: The Open Device Lab remains closed as the Coworking Space closed **

What is it?

The Device lab is a shared collection of donated/loaned mobile devices for everybody to use, because the myriads of form factors and resolutions require extensive testing for great mobile apps and websites. Emulators tend to tell only half truths, so nothing can replace the real device test. With the Device Lab you don’t have to carry a gun case full of mobile devices around; you can find them here.

Besides that, the Device Lab will give developers access to many mobile platforms, ranging from iOs and WebOS, to Android and the upcoming Firefox OS, in order to stay on top of the mobile game.

Devices currently in the lab

How to use it

Ask somebody from the co.up team for a device and we will hand it to you right away. If you are not here regularly, write an email to opendevicelab@co-up.de letting us know which device you need and when. You can use the device in the space for as long as you like. If you leave, return the device to us. It’s that simple.

What it costs

It costs nothing – the use of the device lab is free. All you need is a valid day pass to stay at the space.


If you have a mobile device to spare, consider lending (or donating) it to us. It will remain yours and you can take it back at any time. The community will be grateful for your contribution!