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Coworking Hack Day 2015 - call for projects

published August 04, 2015 by alex

It’s been way too long since we did our last coworking hack day in 2012, but the cool projects we…

New prices in 2015

published December 18, 2014 by aleks

It’s been another year… & it’s time yet again to raise our prices a bit to reflect inflation, the rising…

New prices

published November 06, 2013 by aleks

Since it’s been 3 or so years that we’ve been charging the same amount for memberships, it’s finally time to…


published September 02, 2013 by aleks

Are you looking for that one awesome developer to be your partner in crime? Do you need to find a…

Coworking in Barcelona

published August 26, 2013 by Alex

We just started a collaboration with Sunny Office that offers our coworkers a 5% discount on their offers. Sunny Office…

Summer party 2013

published July 17, 2013 by aleks

It’s unbelievable that the summer’s already more than half over. Not only that, but August 9th is Coworking Day, too….


published June 13, 2013 by aleks

Many of us turn out to have unusual schedules, especially when we have the freedom to plan our own. Not…

No new UGs for now

published May 15, 2013 by aleks

co.up’s first & foremost goal has always been to help sustain & foster the growth of the tech community in…

2012: Yes we can

published February 15, 2013 by Alex

January: The year was off to a good start. I had just returned from a 6-week sailing trip, something I…

Improvement day: Walls

published January 06, 2013 by Alex

This month’s improvement day we spent on the 3rd floor drawing silhouettest of co.up’s coworkers on the walls. The inspiration…

Improvement Day no. 2

published December 07, 2012 by Alex

Last month we started our Improvement Days – once a month the co.up team gets together for an entire day…

Starting the new year with node.js

published December 03, 2012 by aleks

Ricky Ng-Adam is hoping to organize a node.js workshop for Berliners on January 4-6th, but needs at least 10 people…

Thanks for 3 great years

published December 01, 2012 by aleks

On the evening of November 24th, we invited you to join us in celebrating 3 years of co.up & were…

Horrible co.games in the new lounge

published November 14, 2012 by Alex

Yesterday night, the latest installment of co.games brought up a full house at co.up. Around fifteen coworkers and newcomers gathered…

co.up is turning 3!

published November 13, 2012 by aleks

Thanks to our many coworkers, friends, drop-ins, user group attendees, & other visitors, it’s been another very full year of…

co.up open to JSConfEU attendees

published September 25, 2012 by aleks

For JSConf attendees who need a place to work, hack, or just want to hang out & meet people, co.up…

About Trust (via Funconf)

published September 01, 2012 by thilo

I’m attending funconf at the moment, a unique conference that takes place in Ireland. The dominating topic of today was…

co.up’s new Open Device Lab

published July 31, 2012 by Michael

Hi, my name is Michael. I am a frontend developer from Austria, currently working as a Freelancer in Berlin. At…

New space progress report

published July 30, 2012 by aleks

We’ve been hard at work on the new downstairs space, getting the basics covered in order to get it ready…

Crowdfunding success

published July 13, 2012 by aleks

We here at co.up are very happy & grateful that you helped us reach our crowdfunding goal! The new space…

Campus Party tickets for coworkers

published July 11, 2012 by aleks

Campus Party is a week-long technology festival taking place annually. It runs 24 hours a day and features over 600…

Come celebrate the new space!

published June 14, 2012 by aleks

Thanks to all of you for pitching in to help us with the new space. We are thrilled to know…

Supporting Berlin’s user groups

published June 12, 2012 by aleks

When thinking about who the new space will benefit, we can’t possibly forget the many user groups co.up hosts. We…

Supporting co.up’s growth

published June 07, 2012 by aleks

With your donations we hope to expand co.up to a whole new level. Thanks to our wonderful community, giant user…

co.up is growing!

published May 09, 2012 by aleks

All systems are go - the contract for the space two floors down will be signed soon & co.up will…

Basic memberships

published April 27, 2012 by aleks

After receiving plenty of helpful feedback from our coworkers about the support membership idea, it has been decided to approach…

RailsGirls in co.up!

published April 23, 2012 by aleks

Over the weekend, we had the chance to host the RailsGirls followup workshop, which was not only a great learning…

Support Memberships

published March 19, 2012 by aleks

As you surely know by now, co.up very successfully crowdfunded a refrigerator big enough to cool the hundreds of drinks…

Fridge christening!

published January 30, 2012 by aleks

In case you didn’t hear about it, we had a very successful fundraiser for a gigantic new refrigerator. We would…


published January 26, 2012 by aleks

A big thanks to everyone who came to Coworking Hack Day #2! It was great hanging out with our friends,…

Kfé Innovación

published January 23, 2012 by aleks

During CoHackDay we had the pleasure of being joined by Chris, Ana, & Ishmael. Chris & Ana are organizing Kfé…

Jellyweek blog post

published January 20, 2012 by aleks

The folks over at the Jellyweek site just published our article about Coworking Hack Day, taking place tomorrow! Read about…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

published January 10, 2012 by aleks

If you blinked, you probably missed it. :) We are amazed & delighted that everyone joined forces so quickly to…

Cold drinks for everyone!

published January 05, 2012 by aleks

Dear coworkers, friends, and supporters of co.up, As you know, co.up loves user groups - we host a number of…

Coworking Hack Day #2

published January 04, 2012 by aleks

After the great fun of the first Coworking Hack Day on August 27th last year, we’re organizing another event! Just…

End of 2011

published December 20, 2011 by aleks

It’s unbelievable that another year of co.up, the coworking space with the most awesome coworkers, is coming to a close….

Till’s CouchDB book

published December 19, 2011 by aleks

Our fantastic coworker & friend, Till, along with Andreas published “CouchDB: Das Praxisbuch für Entwickler und Administratoren.” The book is…

2 years with awesome people and counting

published November 04, 2011 by thilo

This Wednesday (02.11.2011) we celebrated the 2-year anniversary of co.up and – a little late – 5 years of upstre.am….

She goes, she goes far

published October 26, 2011 by thilo

When you run a coworking space, new people pop in and out of your life (sometimes on a daily basis),…

Berlin tech user groups

published October 14, 2011 by aleks

A post in the rug.b Google group a while ago, as well as this post made us realize that there…

Coworking Hack Day video

published September 27, 2011 by aleks

Alex did a great job of documenting what took place on Coworking Hack Day. Check out the result! </embed><p>coworking hackday…

Coworking Week 2011 Open House

published September 15, 2011 by aleks

Coworking Week 2011 (also on Twitter and Facebook) will take place this year from the 19th until the 25th of…

Coworking Hack Day

published August 30, 2011 by aleks

CoHackDay #1 has come and gone! The roughly 30 of us filled the space and created a friendly atmosphere easily….

New community manager

published August 09, 2011 by aleks

Hi! My name is Aleks; half-Latvian, half-USian, and now – since not so long ago – happy Berliner. Working at…

World of Coworking - Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

published March 29, 2011 by Thilo

While on holiday in Brazil I had the opportunity to visit some coworking spaces. My holiday started in Sao Paulo….

Internatinal Open Data Hackathon - Berlin

published December 01, 2010 by Thilo

The upcoming Saturday, 4th December, we will open our doors together with our neighbors “yourneighbours” for Developer, Designers, Researchers, Journalists…

Notes from the first European Coworking Conference

published November 26, 2010 by Thilo

If you haven’t read it already checkout Alex notes about the first European Coworking Conference conference over at our cobot…

Coworking Europe 2010 - First European Coworking Conference

published October 13, 2010 by Thilo

After having established more than 140 coworking spaces, the coworking movement in Europe is now taking it to the next…

World of Coworking - Austin, Texas

published September 17, 2010 by Thilo

If you get around a lot on your job it is good to know some coworking spaces at your destination….

Coworkingweek 2010 – Raus aus dem Büro, rein ins Vergnügen

published September 13, 2010 by Alex

Die Coworking Week ist ein einwöchiges Coworkingfestival, das erstmals vom 13. bis zum 19 September gleichzeitig in verschiedenen Städten in…

Annual Report

published September 05, 2010 by Alex

Ladies and gentlemen, for the public to enjoy: the numbers behind co.up. Our coworking space was founded in August 2008…

Kitchen Rules

published August 24, 2010 by Alex

Our coworking kitchen has been a messy place. Dishes standing everywhere but in the dishwasher, the dishwasher itself being only…

Upcoming Event: node.js Knockout

published August 16, 2010 by Alex

On the weekend of August 28th/29th 2010 we will be hosting a local node.js Knockout event. The knockout is a…


published July 30, 2010 by Alex

Welcome to our blog. Here we will be blogging about our coworkers and space, events and coworking in general. For…