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We are a coworking space located in Berlin Kreuzberg providing desks, wi-fi and a friendly community for independent workers. » more

Welcome to co.up Coworking

We provide an affordable work space for freelancers and other mobile workers, combining the relaxed and social atmosphere of a coffee shop with the infrastructure and productivity of an office. Beyond improved productivity, coworking to us means creating friendships, collaboration, and feeling free to ask our coworkers for help when the need arises.

Our coworkers and friends organize many community events, which we support by providing the space. You can have a look at our very full calendar by checking out the Events page.

Most of our current coworkers are software developers and (web) designers, but people from all fields are very welcome. To see our varying membership plans, have a look at our pricing page. Please follow our ground rules and be a good neighbor.

Our rooms are located on the third and fifth floor, so we will happily provide assistance with the elevator to those who need it. Please let us know how we can make the space more accessible and your visit more comfortable!

If you would like to come by for a look, please send us a note and arrange a time to do so.

co.up is brought to you by upstream agile, the company behind cobot, the web software that gives you more time for your coworkers.